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What you can do to make your relationship healthy.

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MIKE PARAVATI ENGLISH 110 WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP HEALTHY The difference between the communicating habits between men and women are as different as night and day. As stated in What is the difference between boys and Girls by Blum "the chemistry of gender is more complex, it is a continuum". Generally men's communication is more aggressive and less emotional then you would find with women. This is due to the fact that men have ten times more testosterone then females. Women like to express their feelings and be very emotional in there communication towards other people. Men on the other hand do not like to discus there feelings in depth, they much rather have a good time and laugh with there buddies instead of talking about each other feelings. Women feel it is healthy to talk about what they are feeling and tend to get very emotional with their friends. In a study done on 61 males and 61 females, the amount of females who thought that it was important to have same sex conversation once a week was 43, and only 16 males thought the same. ...read more.


Apart from listening, another good technique to remember is to ask each other questions. When a woman has had a stressful day and she comes home to her family she would like to be asked how her day went. Most women feel that by talking about how the day went it would relieve the stress and frustration they hold inside. Also asking questions makes them feel loved and noticed because you take interest on what they have done all day. The problem comes when you don't ask those questions, and ignore the subject completely. All that frustration and stress might then be geared towards you and that might lead to other problems. Although you might not want to hear them moon and grown about the day it is best to ask questions like "how was your day", "what's wrong honey, you look down" and others to keep your relationship healthy. Asking questions is a key to maintaining the your social relationship. Another problem that can arise is when one member of the relationship does not give the other person enough space or personal time. ...read more.


Once the praising stops people tend to get less motivated or quite doing what they have been doing. That is where problems start, once they stop doing those things anger and frustration builds up leading to arguments and bickering around the house. Women as well as men need to be constantly reassured that they are doing a good job and that what they do is important and contributes to the relationship. To keep each other happy, you must keep each other motivated and make one another feel like they contribute to the relationship. Since men and women are very different, and they share different views and feelings it makes it hard to have and maintain a healthy relationship. But it is not impossible, we are able to adapt and configure ourselves to one another. By using these tools, it will improve your overall relationship with one another and hopefully make it grow into something wonderful. We have a saying in this world, it goes women/men you can't live with them, you can't live without them. This pretty much sums up the relationship men and women have. But you can improve it by doing all of thee above. ...read more.

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