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Who is responsible for the death of Jamie Bulger?

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Who is responsible for the death of Jamie Bulger? On the 12th February 1993 a surveillance camera in the Bootle Strand shopping centre filmed Robert Thompson and Jon Venables both aged 10, taking James Bulger aged 2 by the hand from outside a butchers. They left with James and walked him two and a half miles to a railway line where they killed James and left his body. In November 1993 the two were trialed and sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Morland, recommending that they serve a minimum of eight years, this was then increased to ten years by the lord chief justice and then to fifteen years by the then home secretary Michael Howard. The case has since then never really been closed with recent outrage that the two hadn't received a fair trial. Other than Venables and Thompson, who is responsible for this disgraceful crime? ...read more.


Children need discipline and it is usually the parents that they seek this guidance. The parents of Venables and Thompson cannot have shown much interest in their children's lifestyles. Perhaps if the police had made their presence felt in the shopping centre Venables and Thompson may have been more wary of committing this crime. It is reported that the police whom actually spotted Jamie Bulger with Venables and Thompson via CCTV did not act in any way; had they of done so they could possibly have prevented this horrific crime. A few questions to Venables and Thompson or even approaching them could have been enough to scare them off. Maybe if security were placed in key areas Venables and Thompson would have thought twice about carrying on with their intentions. The Liverpool 38 consists of no less than 38 men and women who spotted Venables and Thompson with Jamie Bulger. ...read more.


They should have been more involved in their discrepancies and kept in regular contact with their parents. However despite the above Venables and Thompson are to blame for this tragic incident and it cannot be overlooked that they most probably planned this. They enticed Jamie Bulger away from his mother as her attention moved away from him for just a moment. They went to the mall in all awareness and looked for a young child that they could easily lure away with some chocolate. They immediately made their way out of the shopping area and away from the public's eye. At no time did they show any sympathy or friendliness to Jamie Bulger and continuously hit him as he was led away. They were not too young or na�ve to know that what they were about to commit was hideous and against the law and there will never be an excuse to this effect. Although mistakes were made by those around them they should not be allowed to forget the enormity of this crime. James Noonan Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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