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Who is Santa?

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Who is Santa? Well it really depends who you ask. If you ask a five-year-old child, "who is Santa?" They would say he's a jolly old fellow. He wears a red suit and comes once a year to give good children toys. He's very fond of milk and biscuits so you have to leave him some every Christmas Eve. Also you have to leave a carrot for his reindeer. Santa is plump, happy, and funny he has a long white curly beard and he wears a red suit with white fluffy trimmings around the seams. He only comes and gives presents to the good children and to the bad children he gives a lump of coal. That's who Santa is. ...read more.


Just before a Santa dies another one is picked from a shopping centre or a swimming pool and therefore the world is never without a Santa. Santa lives in the North Pole just like the legend tells us and he really does wear a red suit and has a long, curly, white beard, again just like the legend tells us. Santa lives in a house with angels. Children who have been taken from the world of the living long before it was their time. Children who didn't have their fair share of happy Christmas'. Children who deserve a little more happiness. They live in a world where everything is fun and all year their happiness is stored up until one special night. ...read more.


Santa then, on Christmas Eve, gets in his sleigh and soars through the sky. In the back of the sleigh are red sacks with white fluffy trimmings to match his suit. The sacks however are not full of presents, oh no. They're full of happiness, all the happiness that was taken from the angels throughout the year. Enough to make the whole world happy! The happiness is called the "Christmas spirit." You see Santa doesn't really deliver presents he delivers the Christmas Spirit. Parents brought the presents into Christmas and Santa brought the spirit. There is a Santa you see, but no one seems to get him right, well, now you know. So I guess in a way, both adults, and children were wrong about Santa. And that's who Santa is! ...read more.

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