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Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from Britain's major cities at the start of the Second World War

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Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from Britain's major cities at the start of the Second World War? The whole aim of the policy of evacuation was that the government thought that it would be safer for children, pregnant women, disabled people, teachers and mothers with young children as they were scared for when the German bombing raids began and they wanted to preserve the next generation. The fact is that they were children and they didn't want them to suffer. The evacuation was first introduced near the end of 1939 as they introduced it the day before Hitler invaded Poland. They mainly went to the countryside, as this was where it was considered safe for the evacuees. The amount of evacuees that were evacuated from the major British cities were 47% of schoolchildren and about the third of mothers went to designated areas, which is 827,000 schoolchildren, 524,000 mothers and children under school age, 13,000 expectant mothers, 103,000 teachers and 7,000 handicapped people. ...read more.


They were labelled like pieces of luggage. Teachers and people they did not know looked after them for a while whilst this was happening. Mothers told them three instructions, which were not to complain, grin and smile however you feel, look after your brother/s or sister/s and also not forgetting to write home. Trains, which were often dirty, transported them and all the children were all packed in like a tin of sardines. Most poor children were not used to long distances, being away from home and travelling and by the time they got of the trains they were hot, bothered, tired, upset and dirty. They were all then taken to a church, village or school hall, then lined up against the wall or on the stage and the foster families would just pick whom they preferred. They did not pick the poorer scruffier children unless they had to. The foster families reactions to the evacuees were mixed but they mainly disliked them as they were seen as vermin as they were dirty and did not how to use certain things, as they did not have or use it in the cities. ...read more.


People also only thought that evacuation was going to last until Christmas aswel. The government gave financial help to the foster families for taking the evacuees in as they felt they needed to reward kind souls for taking in someone else's child/children. Yes the government was right to set up evacuation because it protected children from the bombings and, in a sense, preserved the lives of a future generation; especially if a future prospect of war was to ever happen. No the government was not right to set up evacuation because it separated mothers, children and entire families, as well as creating problems for those trying to track down missing family members. It had effects on those who were evacuated because they were constantly worried about loved ones who were still in the cities. Yes it was successful because as explained, fewer lives of children were lost and they were safe in the rural areas, whereas it was not as successful because many families refused to be separated and more lives were therefore lost. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE History coursework Mr Wilcox Roxanne Kouble 10 Hume ...read more.

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