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Why do we get married?

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Why do we get married? People marry for various reasons. People marry each other so they can gain different advantages from each other. This may be looked at negative way such as gold digging but what I mean gain something from each other could be simply innocent love. In the same way they might also be doing it for reasons that deal with improving their status. For example in the Triobriand islander's men marry wives so they can obtain yams. The more yams the couple have then the higher the ranking of their matrilineage. ...read more.


A question that comes to mind why get married when you can still have sexual desires without getting married? This is correct the difference when a girl and her boyfriend get married they afterwards they only have sex with each other that is what makes marriage different it also becomes a safe protective relationship. For example in the Juwasi sexual desires play a role it is one of the reasons that people get married. In juwasi one of the reasons they get married is so they can have a sexual partner. ...read more.


Children are indeed benefits. Also for example in the juwasi they marry there children at young age so the couple can stay with them longer were the husband will be doing bride service for ten years for the parents of the bride. Also in the Chinese tradition after a wife gets married she is ignored and has the lowest occupation in the whole family. The husband only marries her so he can have male heirs to pass his inheritance to. Parents have certain advantages by having children in these socities. These are the reasons people get married according to the different societies we have studied of course in the modern society it is a another story. ...read more.

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