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Within my placement there are many teams who work together to benefit the education of each child. The school as a whole has a very strong team spirit and friendly atmosphere.

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Placement Description My placement is in St. Fergus Primary School in Aberdeenshire. St Fergus is a small rural seaside village but it is undergoing drastic developmental changes with new housing estates being built on the outskirts of the village. The main sources of work are either fishing or the gas terminal. The nursery is statutory and is connected to the school and uses the same facilities. The school has five classes, including the nursery, a gym, out door playground with play park suitable for the nursery. The nursery has just the one open plan room with two toilets adjoining it. The school as a whole has mixed gender and race. The nursery caters for three to five year olds and is run for half day sessions. The facilities on the other half of the day being used for playgroup. The nursery serves the school and acts as a step in the stages of going from home to school. School Diagram Nursery Diagram Head teacher Head Teacher | | Teacher Nursery Nurse | Auxiliary Teams Within my placement there are many teams who work together to benefit the education of each child. The school as a whole has a very strong team spirit and friendly atmosphere. Within the schools staff smaller groups co-work effectively. These include: :) The primary six/seven class which is taught on a job share basis. ...read more.


Also staff meeting are help periodically which give members information of any matters the school is involved in. also having a notice board allows any information to be accessible to everybody. Purpose The team I am mainly involved in is the staff in St Fergus primary school. This team is committed to ensuring all children receive a positive, secure and complete learning experience. The teams out with the school such as the 'Friends of St Fergus' committee are concerned with raising funds to resource the school and give the children extra learning experiences such as trips. The support networks are in place to accommodate more challenging children within the education system to offer support and advice to the school and parents in order to help the individual child. Duties The head teacher of the school is in charge of the overall day to day running of the whole school and ensuring teachers get adequate support and information to help their job. She must attend meetings about the school with the education board and deals with any serious disciplinary situations which may arise in the school. This role is the most challenging in the school as it is the top of the ladder in the school for gaining decisions and information. The teachers roles are to supply the children with the learning they need to move on and the encouragement to develop further. ...read more.


Reflection I know there will always be people who are not as much of a team player as others and that it is important to remain professional for the good of the institution and the children so working closely with another student who I found it difficult to form a relationship with, has certainly developed my ability to be tactful around them when I disagreed and allow a situation or confrontation to drop for the benefit of the children if I couldn't foresee a positive outcome. In the future I shall have to learn new ways to communicate and include those less willing to become a team member to ensure that the team doesn't break down. My observation skills for non-verbal reactions has definitely been developed and my ability to predict how someone will react to a situation in a positive or negative way and as a result being able to prepare myself, and if necessary adapt the situation, to accommodate the person. This proves very necessary working with children and also for becoming a new member of an existing team as the skill of being able to observe the situations and pick up on any unofficial roles within the team is very important to help fit into the routine already in place and not upset things. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gemma Veitch P2VH/F041A/M ...read more.

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