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Work Experience - Written Acount

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Work Experience - Written Acount Bethan Siddons I sat and considered my choices for work experience carefully after I had heard I was to spend two weeks doing it. I thought of letting the school choose for me but quickly decided against it as I didn't think I could stand spending the time making tea. Many people mentioned vets to me as I have a love of animals however due to insurance policies I was forced to consider working with my parents. In fact it wasn't that awful, my mum worked at Edwin Lambert Primary School and I was curious to discover what working with children was like. I soon had a meeting with the classroom assistant and teacher of the Edwin Lambert Nursery. I was very surprised that it was the nursery that had agreed to take me on as I expected to be in different primary classes, however, I soon got over the shock. Having come straight from school in a rush I must have looked a scruffy bag of nerves! Well that's certainly how I felt. They introduced themselves as Mrs Rusha and Mrs Bumford with a smile and a general pleasant attitude. ...read more.


In fact I don't believe I actually managed to successfully change an activity on a table without annoying several teachers along the way! There was also a sand pit and water trough that was kept up everyday as they were extremely popular. Watching the children play was a great experience for me. The way they interacted with each other was like an alien language to me but it was very interesting and terribly sweet! I couldn't help but find myself getting absorbed into their innocent minds by chatting randomly about anything that had happened to them the day before. The time, however, did not seem to fly and I was more than happy when they were finally called to clean up and start their snack. Doing this was good for me as it gave me a job of cleaning all the sand from the floor and checking everyone was eating their fruit properly. This became a job I took on for myself everyday as I felt I wasn't given enough to do elsewhere. After snack everyone had to clean up to get an hours play in the adjoining garden before being able to go home. ...read more.


It was great fun and I eventually dragged the other teachers onto it so that everyone was enjoying themselves. I also got given an easter egg as a thank you which was touching for me as I'd felt I hadn't actually done much. I hope my presence was valued by someone there and that I might have taught a child something they'll never forget. The experience certainly taught me a lot, from helping me find out what teachers get up to outside the classroom to finding out how tough it really is for nurseries to deal with new Government issues all the time. (E.g. a new jollyphonics scheme must now be taught in every British nursery). I got a real insight into working with children and I found that although the children are different and exciting every day, the job isn't. I couldn't see myself becoming a nursery teacher as I need more challenges and a better chance of progression in my job. I absolutely admire teachers now and I've decided that a job concerning both children and sport could be something I'm really interested in. For now however I intend to get to university for a sports science degree and to keep my options open. ...read more.

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