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Work Experience.

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Work Experience It was a few days before everyone was going to be going off to their placements for work experience. I had butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going to a new environment, with new people. I was worried but excited at the same time. Monday came and I woke up extra early as not to be late for my first day at Ruislip Garden's Primary School. As it was my first day my mum gave me a lift. A thousand things were going through my mind at this time. I was trying to imagine what it would be like and how I should act. As we pulled up my stomach was turning and I just wanted to get my mum to turn around and go back home, but I didn't let my mind take over the matter and I got out of the car and pressed the buzzer. I was trembling with fear and I felt like I had transformed instantly from a young lady to a little child again. I heard a voice from the buzzer say, 'Can I help you?' ...read more.


Unfortunately, however, I could not attend on Monday. On Tuesday I woke up nice and early and went and caught the bus to Ruislip Garden's. I walked in and signed in as usual and went to my normal class 7. I was asked on many occasions by all the children as to where I had been. I simply replied that I had been at home ill, as I did not want to shock or excite them with the truth that I had been robbed. Wednesday came and today was going to be a little different. Today we were going on a nature walk after lunch for last period. Lunchtime came and went and was all getting ready and being put into groups. Some parents also came along to be group leaders. After ten minutes of sorting everything out we were off. The sun was shining and it was a lovely warm summer's day. We walked out the gates and down road to the shops. We then crossed the road and walked up towards Ruislip Garden's station. We then went into the station so that the children could have a look around. ...read more.


I then picked up my bag and walked out of Ruislip Garden's Primary School one last time. I left and caught my bus home feeling sad and shedding a tear or two. From work experience I feel that I have matured a lot and that I definitely know that this is definitely the line of work I am interested in. I have below written my own poem of my experience of work experience. The moment that I first saw it I was terrified, but little did I no the children were going to be right by my side. The children they were lovely and the staff they were too, Things did not turn out how I had expected and all the things I had imagined they were not at all true. I am glad that I had gone there to work and act mature, But I am definite I am eager to start the real World of work and this I am sure. Now there is one thing I would want to say and I want everyone at Ruislip Gardens to know too, I would like to say this and I mean it, THANK-YOU. Eleisha Brooker English Work experience ...read more.

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