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Working With Children - Child development and sport.

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Peter Finch ND Sport and Excellence (golf) Tutor - Dominic Sainsbury Working With Children Child Development & Sport Scenario You have applied for the post of the physical education officer you have received an invitation to attend an interview. The interview requires you to compile a report on Sport and children. Task one - identify, compare and critically analyse areas of child development across a range of different age groups, for example 0-5, 5-10, and adolescent 10-14 . In the early years of life Children grow at a very fast rate, at birth a baby is around a quarter of its full adult height. Another measurement on which we can compare is that a babies head accounts for a quarter of its height, while an adults head only counts for one sixth of there over all height. The fastest growth of a child takes place in early childhood up the age of around six or seven, then in throughout puberty there is second period of growth until the child reaches their full height. ...read more.


Children tend to weigh the productivity of an activity on the amount of hard work they put in, it is difficult to coach these children as it may not be wise to encourage them to try harder to do something. Even more so if they have some natural ability in the sport or activity. So it is important to let a child explore their limits while not pushing them beyond their natural abilities. Patience is also an important factor with children, new tasks and game must be approached step by step allowing the children to learn and develop in there own time. At this age children will start to copy trends of people around them, this can be a good thing or a bad thing to happen depending on the role model involved. In the example of golf if a role model is angry on the course and throws his clubs around it is likely to encourage an impressionable youth to do the same. Sport at this age must remain enjoyable with empathises on fun, the children themselves will want to start competing against others to prove themselves, but it is important that winning doesn't become the soul purpose of playing sport. ...read more.


Perhaps the biggest change happens when the child goes through the process of puberty. But the mentality of children changes constantly until they reach full mental maturity around the 16. Both the physical and mental attributes of individual children dictates what sports they can play, but as I mentioned earlier children of opposite sexes can often play sport together at a young age because of the similar heights and weights they have. Why areas of child development should be considered when teaching children in sport By taking into account the different physical and mental changes of a child you can help provide support at every stage of development. You must also understand different areas of child development because by adapting rules and equipment to suit them you can create more realistic goals for them. To know how different children can play sport is very important, you must be able to keep a sport interesting and hard enough to aid a progression in skill. But make the sport to hard or to easy for children and they will loose interest in the sport. ...read more.

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