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"A good God will not allow people to suffer" Discuss

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?A good God will not allow people to suffer? In my opinion, if God was really omnibenevolent then natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods would not exist. Many people all over the world die every day and if God was good then why would he let this happen? Some people think that ?everything happens for a reason? for example if you get attacked, the person who attacked you could have been a serial killer and when he attacked you he was caught. So because of you the whole area benefited. This is something bad that happened but had a positive outcome, because the person is no longer a threat to anyone. ...read more.


If there were no disasters then God would not be able to tell the good people from the bad people. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods would not exist if God was good. This is because they cause many people to die. Science could explain why and how they happen, but I think that it is God who makes them happen. Also I believe that God gave people free will, which is one of the main reasons that evil and suffering exist in the world. People have their own rights, and if people didn?t have free will then murders would not happen either. ...read more.


Finally, to conclude I do not think that God is evil. God created the world and as humans we have destroyed it, therefore this makes God angry and so he wants to put our love for him to the test to see if we really still believe in him, when things such as ?the death of a close family member dying? happens. Because if we still believe and trust in God after horrible situations then we will be able to go to heaven after our lives on earth are complete, and if God thinks that we are worthy enough to be able to go into his kingdom and if we are not and if we have sins then we will have to wait before we can go there. So God is good even though suffering does unfortunately exist in the world. ...read more.

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