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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a

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Discipleship According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a "Disciple" is one who takes another as his teacher and model. Christian Disciples have faith and commitment to God, they use their own time to give service others; they sacrifice their home-life possessions and money. Christian Disciples preach to others about the Good Doings of Jesus and the excellence of God. Christian Disciples resist other temptations. They produce self-control, orderliness, obedience and a capacity for co-operation with others. Anybody can be a disciple; for example a Portadown College student is a disciple of the school. To be a Christian disciple however, takes a different kind of self-discipline. ...read more.


A true disciple follows the commandments presented by Jesus on Mount Sinai. These 10 commandments are often referred to as the law and they are a basis as to how we should live our lives. As a disciple, you should also be forgiving. If someone sins against you, you should not only forgive him seven times as Peter thought; but seventy times seven as Jesus tells us. This means there is no limit as to how many times we should forgive someone. Jesus used the parable of the unforgiving servant to demonstrate this. He tells of a king who was owed a great sum of money by one of his servants. ...read more.


A true disciple must follow the example Jesus set and must live a life modelled on his. It is like becoming born again and involves turning away from sin. You should not worship material things like money. In the story of the rich young man Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Being a disciple is costly. Jesus warned that his disciples might suffer for their faith. They must take up the cross every day and be prepared for ridicule. However he also promised all who follow him will receive life in all its fullness, real freedom and true happiness. Graydon Winter ...read more.

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