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An accidental universe is as likely as a created one Discuss.

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?An accidental universe is as likely as a created one? Discuss. (10) For many people who are familiar with modern science the primary issue regarding religious belief and science concerns whether God is the most rational way to explain why the universe exists and why human life exists. Debates in science and religion also focussed upon the matter of explaining why there is any universe here at all. The ?God hypothesis? is one that says that the existence of the universe can be explained by reference to God. In many Western developed countries there is a prevailing view that science provides facts and religion is based upon views from the past that are mistaken. ...read more.


Furthermore, atheists such as Richard Dawkins argue that longing for and belief in God can be explained through evolutionary theories and related ideas, or alternatively through psychology. The notion that God is only used to fill in gaps in human knowledge has been another basis for atheists? rejection of belief in God as an explanation of the origin of the universe. In particular, it is claimed that God seems only to be postulated to explain a thing that human beings cannot yet explain scientifically. On the contrary, many argue that it is more reasonable to suppose that the universe does not exist y chance. They believe that blind chance is not a satisfactory explanation of the universe and that it would have been almost infinitely unlikely that this universe would have ever come to exist if it were left down to chance. ...read more.


In Christianity, the creation accounts are found in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis in the Bible, which quotes such as ?in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth!? and ?So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them,? to prove to Christians that God really is the creator. To conclude, both atheists and theologians interpret the reality around them to try to give reasons for why things are as they are. While atheists suggest that the universe has developed as it has at random, theologians such as Keith Ward argue that the random development of the universe is essential for moral freedom to evolve. ...read more.

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