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Assess Functionalism

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As it is a materialist theory, Ockham s razor can be applied here, which makes the whole situation a lot simpler and less complex than opposing theories - which makes the whole theory more approachable. A strength of Functionalism is that it allows other forms of intelligence; such as aliens or artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the concept that it is possible for a machine to "think", although it is debatable whether it is possible for a computer to think in the same sense as humans do. The allowance of artificial intelligences supports the argument that it is possible that one day a computer will be invented which can be called a mind . In other words, it can think, reason and imagine, and do all the things that we currently associate with the human brain. A criticism of Functionalism was presented by John Searle. He developed a criticism called the Chinese room Searle imagines that someone who does not understand Chinese is placed in a room with an "In" hatch and an "Out" hatch (Tex) Through one hatch come Chinese symbols which Tex responds to by arranging other Chinese symbols according to rules laid down in a book and sending them out through the other hatch. ...read more.


Functionalism defines mental states in terms of functional role. All there is to seeing something as green on this view is looking at things agreed to be green and identifying them as green, which in turn causes the utterances of that is green . Filling the causal role is all there is to being that sensation. - In functionalist terms what happens to you and me is exactly the same. The problem is that while functionalism seems to suggest our experiences are the same, while we intuitively want to say that they are different since seeing purple feels different to seeing green. However, this theory has a major advantage over the theory of Dualism as it avoids the problem of interaction. The problem with Dualism is that Descartes seems to be describing two mutually exclusive substances. If, in every respect, matter differs from mind, how are the two meant to interact? But, the Functionalists, by focusing on the idea that the mind is a simple physical substance. s Jones look-up tree of life in his head on a silicon chip and acarries out these actions . ajaJones and his twin act identicallyy as though they boITCollateOFFResolutionOption1PaperSizeLETTERColorMode24bpp MXDW1winspoolMicrosoft XPS Document WriterXPSPort:F�� "\�"�'"�V "$c"�` "�`""A."@��"\�"�"�V "$c"�` "�`"."Untitled""�p"�p (" )"y respect, matter differs from mind, how are the two meant to int�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�qy(tm)N�y(tm)N�y(tm)N� ...read more.

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