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Buddhism was started by Guatama Siddhartha,It started in the 5th century B.C,

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Buddhism was started by Guatama Siddhartha, It started in the 5th century B.C, When he started Buddhism he was in no way holy, His life started off in a way that was easy. ...read more.


At the age of Twenty Nine Guatama left home, Not only his home but all his family, He left to find the meaning of life, He joined a group of convicts who took life very seriously. ...read more.


After a few years of being famous he gained the name of the Buddha, He had a great life but unfortunately in 380 BC he died, He had a great life and was looked up to, He also had very many followers worldwide. ,, ?? ?? ?? ?? Max Richards 9w Mr Clements ...read more.

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