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Christian Aid - short review

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Christian Aid An agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland, Christian Aid works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of religion. It supports local organisations, which are best placed to understand local needs, as well as giving help on the ground through 16 overseas offices. Christian Aid believes in strengthening people to find their own solutions to the problems they face. ...read more.


* Christian Aid believes that it is essential to tackle the underlying causes of poverty. Many of the key decisions that affect poor countries and poor communities, and that can sometimes create poverty, are made by politicians and business leaders in the rich world. We can all use our influence on these people to make sure that the perspective of the world's poorest people is heard. ...read more.


The current global trading system denies the world's poor $700 billion every year. * Although essential, aid and development alone cannot tackle some of these structural causes of poverty - they require change at an international, government and business level. Christian Aid believes we can all help to bring about that change. And we know that campaigning works, because previous campaigns have delivered real change on issues like debt and fair trade. * Christian Aid campaigns because everyone can do it. Every action we take, however small, can help make a real difference. * * * * ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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