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Christianity and Aid Questions

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1Christianity Coursework Name: Mandy Tubby Candidate Number: 4121 School: James Allen's Girls' School School Number: 10828 Subject Number: 1730 Titles: R1) Explain what Christians teach about the causes of hunger and disease, and the biblical teachings they might use. R2) Using Christian Aid or CAFOD explain how Christians may respond to world hunger and disease. R3) "Christians are responsible for each other no matter where in the world the live." Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. It has always been considered that in respect to wealth and poverty, the world can be separated in to two obvious sections, the North and the South or the Developed World and the Developing World. The North consists of North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand; these countries boast a high standard of living. The South consists of countries, which suffer a very low standard of living, i.e. Sudan, Nepal, Somalia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, etc. Most of the countries in the Developing World suffer from very serious problems, which effect the whole population, these are: * Low life expectancy. Life expectancy is the age that a person can be expected to live. In the North people are expected to live in to their late seventies, however, in the South people are lucky if they live to their fifties. * High rate of newborn transience. Malnourished mothers cannot nourish their newborn. This means that approximately 75% of the 20,000,000 people who die of malnutrition, in the world each year, are less than five years old. * Increased level of malnutrition. In the South, 75% of the population attempt to make a living from agricultural farming. Most people can only grow enough produce to meet their own basic needs, therefore having little or none left over to buy the other food products that they cannot grow. ...read more.


However, saying God did act when these natural acts occurred, how could he chose between saving one group of people and the next? * "Try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and existence of free will involve, and you find you have excluded life itself." Said C.S. Lewis, who is a Christian writer. This essentially means that suffering is an inevitable part of life, of being a human being. The suffering of Jesus confirms the idea that suffering is a necessary part of life. Before Jesus died he prayed to God and said, "The sorrow in my heart is so great that it almost crushes me." However, he also said, "It is accomplished!" this implies that all Jesus' suffering had happened for a reason, as indeed it had. God made his own son, a part of himself, suffer so that he could save the sinners, so humans could join God in eternal life after death. A good way that Christians can help and act out against hunger and disease is to join a charitable organisation such as C.A.F.O.D. (Catholic Fund for Overseas Development). C.A.F.O.D was set up in 1962 by the Catholic bishops of England and Wales. C.A.F.O.D has no members, however it does have full time staff. C.A.F.O.D works on the principle that every Catholic in England and Wales is a part of C.A.F.O.D, this is because C.A.F.O.D is supposed to be a way that the Catholic Church can act out part of its faith, helping others. C.A.F.O.D does not set up new organisations but uses the ones that the Catholic Church have previously set up, i.e. schools and parishes. Through these organisations C.A.F.O.D puts its message across and raises funds. One of the main things that C.A.F.O.D takes part in is the practice of deliberately going without food i.e. fasting. The money that would have been spent on food is then donated to C.A.F.O.D and C.A.F.O.D uses that money in its projects around the world. ...read more.


As Jesus said, in the Sermon on the Mount, "How can you remove the speck from your neighbour's eye if you cannot remove the log from your own eye?" some people interpret this to mean that they should sort out their own problems before trying to sort out other people's. A different argument against this statement is that why should it just be Christians who have this responsibility? Surely every human being has a responsibility to another to help them when they are in need. It should not just be Christians who feel the responsibility; everyone in the whole wide world should feel a responsibility to help those in need. Yet another argument against this statement is, some people feel that if we aid countries that need help then they might stop working for themselves. They may decide that because they are receiving this help they no longer need to work and they can sit back and relax and all their problems will be sorted out for them. To conclude I would like to say that I agree with the statement. I think that because of the way Christianity is as a religion all Christians have a responsibility to help others no matter where in the world they live. Christianity is a faith of love and forgiving, the Christian God is a God of love, and therefore Christians should show love for one another. Having said that I agree with the statement, I would also like to say that I do not think that it should just be Christians who have this responsibility. I think that every human being has the responsibility to help a fellow human being in need. ? The Bible ? Christian Perspectives on Contemporary Issues - D. Morgan ? Christianity in Today's World - C. Clinton, S. Lynch, J. Orchard, D. Weston, A. Wright ? Religion and Life - V. Watton ? Christianity and Social Issues - M. Keene ? Christian Perspectives - Educational Focus Publications ? Christian Aid information booklet Mandy Tubby 2002 1 Total word count = 5,229 ...read more.

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