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Christianity And Infertility.

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Christianity And Infertility In this coursework (essay) I will be talking about the Christian attitudes towards infertility treatments and explain that there are different views on this subject and why. But because there is nothing in the Bible specifically about these treatments, I will have to do some research about it and try to get different Christian views on this subject. However there some teachings in the Bible that can help us to understand Christian views on these treatments. I will try to get two different views on these treatments. The Bible teaches Christians that all life is sacred, because it's a gift from God. It also teaches the Christians that life should not be destroyed, that God has a plan for every human life, that life is God-given, that human life is gracious and that all life deserves respect. There isn't anything in the Bible specifically about the subject of infertility, but it does have advice and examples of people who were also infertile. ...read more.


"Hannah had no children... because the Lord had kept her from having children." The Bible (1 Samuel 1.2,5) These are some issues that Christians may be concerned about: i) Using Donors - adultery? Some Christians think that using a donor sperm or a donor egg is a violation of the marriage bond and there it is adultery. ii) Parent's - who are they? Should children know? Confusion for child? Some Christian views on this (like the Roman Catholic) are that they believe that children have the right to know who their parents are and this is prevented in AID and surrogacy. iii) When does life begin? Is an embryo a life? What to do with 'extra' embryos etc? The Roman Catholics believe that IVF involves fertilizing several eggs some of which are thrown away or used for experimentation which is the same as abortion. Other Christian Churches allow IVF because the discarded embryos are not fetuses and their destruction can be justified by the doctrine of double effect. ...read more.


(Lord Habgood, former Anglican Archbishop of York) These two statements have completely opposite opinions. One says that an embryo is a human being as should be treated that way but the other is saying that , even though they are to be treated with respect, they don't have moral values so should be dealt with as they use to. In the end there are different views on this issue and mostly they are divided into two groups; the Roman Catholics; and the other Christian Churches. The Roman Catholics Church is opposed to all infertility treatment as it often involves the destruction of some embryos; it involves the activity of masturbation and denies the right of every child to know the identity of both parents, but most churches today accept IVF and AIH as being acceptable, because childlessness is no longer viewed as being God's will. I believe that this is wrong because everything that happens is because of God's will, which includes childlessness. By: Hamza Abib 10BY ...read more.

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