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Christianity and Poverty.

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Christianity and Poverty Christian Aid was founded in 1945. In 1945 the members of the British and Irish churches were very shocked to see how hard life was for European refugees who had lost everything in the Second World War. In response to this, they new that something had to done about it. By making this decision, they managed to raise one million pounds to help these people. This group became known as Christian Aid. Everywhere in the world there are people whose lifes are hardly worth living, people who are in a desperate struggle for the basic needs of life. ...read more.


Every year, the Burmese Border Consortium brings food and basic education to around 120,000 refugees in 14 different camps along the border and campaigns on their behalf. I find this project very important because it helps a lot of people have a better way of living. This also is a big help for the future generation because more people are being educated and in this way, more people will continue to be educated. Christian Aid does this work in order for Christians who want to put their faith and beliefs into action to do so. Christian Aid is the main relief and development agency in the UK and Ireland. ...read more.


Christian Aid gives many people the opportunity to live life in a much better way of living. It gives people a chance, who would otherwise have never got the chance to improve their life. Also it allows people like us to help raise money for Christian Aid and lets us feel good about ourselves because we have done something for a very good cause. Therefore, I think Christian Aid is for a very good cause because they believe that we all have the power to make changes and they help to make many peoples lives much happier. After all what may seem to us as not a lot of money, can come out with life changing results for some people in the world. 585 words http://www.freebietown.co.uk/ukfreebiessamples.html eucerin http://www.freebiesiteuk.co.uk/health.htm ...read more.

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