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What Can A Study Of Marks Gospel Tell Christians Of Different Denominations About The Meaning And Importance Of The Sabbath

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What Can A Study Of Marks Gospel Tell Christians Of Different Denominations About The Meaning And Importance Of The Sabbath By Emily Longstaff 'Keep the Sabbath holy', was the forth commandment read by Moses from the stone tablets. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday so for them that is there Sabbath that means that, to them, that one-day in the week is holy and to keep it this way they must rest and avoid any form of work at all costs. Jewish people, although they too believe in the Sabbath, worship it on a different day. This is because they believe god created the world in six days, and on the seventh day, he rested. Therefore it is important to them to worship the Sabbath on a Saturday. The Sabbath for both religions is defined as a day of rest where no work must be done and is also a day of worship. ...read more.


This shows Jesus had power over the Pharisees. Although a big part of the catholic and Christian religions are based around Jesus' teachings he himself was a Jew. This was because the religions did not yet exist in his times. We know Jesus was a Jew as he worshipped in the synagogue which was a Jewish place of worship. The Sabbath is a big part of the Christian religion and is based entirely around the resurrection for Christians, it tells Christians today that something amazing and magnificent as the resurrection must be honoured and working on this day is not doing that. It enables us to truly appreciate and be thankful for Jesus rising from the dead. Different denominations of the religion celebrate the Sabbath and other important days in there religious lives differently. The different denominations include; Jewish, protestant, catholic, Eva angelical, Church of England, united reformed and Jehovah's Witness'. ...read more.


Mormons, which is yet another denomination of Christianity celebrate the Sabbath from home. This involves creating an atmosphere so they can be close to god in their own home, and although this normally takes place on a Sunday, there is no set law so families who find it difficult to celebrate on this day are able to move it to a more appropriate day of the week. This shows that although the many different denominations beliefs are more or less the same, (we all believe in the same god) and celebrations take place in similar circumstances, there are many differences in how we celebrate the Sabbath ranging from small and insignificant to ones of great importance. Sunday to Christians however will always remain the most important day and this will never change as in this religion the resurrection is of great importance. Christians all over the world celebrate Sunday by keeping the Sabbath holy. They attend mass and receive communion. Some may go to confession but every Christian will try and rest on that day to honour Jesus rising from the dead. ...read more.

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