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What can a study of Marks gospel tell Christians of different dominations the meaning and importance of the Sabbath?AO2:Explain how jesus' teaching on the sabbath

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AO1:What can a study of Marks gospel tell Christians of different dominations the meaning and importance of the Sabbath? AO2:Explain how jesus' teaching on the sabbath AO3: "Christians should be free to do as they please on a Sunday, god wont mind" do you agree with this statement? Marks Gospel tells us Christians today the true meaning and importance of the Sabbath. For lots of Christians today the Sabbath day (day of rest) for Christians (Sunday) is just another boring day old Sunday where they have to sit through church. But the Sabbath day is really a day of celebration of Jesus' life and worshiping of God. Mark's gospel outlines how Jesus saw the Jewish Sabbath day (Saturday). The Pharisees corrupted the Sabbath creating too many rules to uphold. But Jesus explained how we should see the Sabbath , and what Jesus said can really effect the way modern Christians see the Sabbath and help them in today's modern society. In Mark 1:21-31 it tells us Jesus himself went to the synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath so Christians should go too, for the son of God went and if the divine son God can make an effort to go to church on his holy day then so should his followers (Christians). Also in Mark 2:23-28 Jesus is walking through a corn field while his disciples gather corn to eat. ...read more.


Worship is a very important part of Christian life, Jesus' teaching on the Sabbath effects worshipping of many different Christian sects in different ways. Roman Catholics believe in transubstantiation (they believe in the bread and wine at mass become the actually body and blood of Christ) so they go to church every week to receive the Eucharist. However Marks Gospel tells us that Jesus himself went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day so Roman Catholics believe along with other Christians that it is necessary to go to mass every week. Other Christians such as the Salvation Army believe in living like Jesus, helping people and believe there is no need for the Eucharist. I think mass attendance has risen and fallen over the last 70 years. I think this because attendance has probably fallen more than it has risen over the years because families are getting richer. They have also gotten smaller. The smaller the family the more bond they might have with each other. Decades ago families were big and so mass was the one time they were all together (and awake). So mass was a time for families to bond. But today with closer families, church is not a method of bonding. Families are richer so parents may work on a Sunday or may go out for a meal with the children (it may be a Sunday routine) ...read more.


However Christians such as the Salvation Army, who would agree with the statement may counter argue and say Jesus ,himself, broke the rules of the Sabbath so he could do good and that is exactly what the Salvation Army is doing. Some Christians however, such as Catholics, believe in transubstantiation which means that the body and blood of Christ is actually present and is no longer bread and wine. So Catholics feel they have an obligation to go every week to church so they may argue that you are a bad Christian if you do not attend mass every week. Christians who agree and disagree both have valid points and have been addressed in this paper. But in my own opinion I think Christians should be free to do as they please on a Sunday and free will has a part to play in my decision for that is our own fundamental characteristic that separates us from the animals. God gave us free will so we could live our lives in freedom. So God cannot be hypocritical and order Christians to go to church on the Sabbath for god is perfect. Also if Christians are doing good on a Sunday instead of going to mass empty hearted, and then not doing a thing for the rest of the day , it makes us a better person and Christian. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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