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'Christians should lead active rather than contemplative lives.'

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'Christians should lead active rather than contemplative lives.' I believe that the statement is saying that Christians should lead a life of witnessing and helping other people i.e. raising money for charities, looking after the destitute and the dying, educating people, evangelising to people, and much more, rather than leading a life of prayer, worship and reflection in an enclosed order. Some people would say that you should lead an active life, as this would provide help i.e. for schools. This would show that they would be able to help a community through living a practical life, which would enable them to raise money for charities, and helping others. ...read more.


Other people might be against leading an active life and might say that you should lead a contemplative life instead, so that way you can focus on God and so should be separated from the everyday world and commitment to prayer as this enables a Christian to experience the whole life with all its sorrow but also with all its joy. They might also say that if one believes in the power of prayer then it is plain that you should lead a contemplative life, as prayer brings blessings to a spiritual wasteland. People might also argue saying that this way you would be able to pray for all the people in the world who do not have time to pray themselves and that those people who lead ...read more.


My own opinion is that I think that Christians should lead both an active and contemplative way of life, as this would enable a person to care for others by helpi ng out by raising money for charities, helping out around schools or even caring for the destitute and the dying. But also spend some time through prayer, praying for people who do not have time to pray, meditating upon God, and listening out for what he is trying to show you also showing commitment to God. And so I personally think that you should lead both an active and contemplative way of life. So this way you would have a balanced way of life taking on both roles that would enable you to lead that type of lifestyle. ...read more.

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