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Christians should not take part in sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday

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Christians should not take part in sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday The main reason the Christian church celebrates the first day of the week (Sunday) as the Lord's Day or Christian Sabbath is simply because Jesus rose from the dead on that day. Also because Jesus' appearance to his disciples on the first day of the week and the Day of Pentecost was on the first day of the week. As the third commandment says, "Honour the Sabbath day". Naturally people want to know how to upkeep it as a way of recognising God's sovereignty. ...read more.


Shopping or sport is a leisurely event, and is often when quality time with the family should not necessarily prohibited. A compulsory day of rest would have value in today's society but not necessarily on a Sunday especially because not everyone believes in Christ. However by shopping and going to Sporting events on a Sunday nevertheless requires someone else to do work i.e. the shop keepers, the TV companies, which means that they are theoretically breaking the commandment, unless there work is of vital necessity. If shopping were prohibited people who work on Sundays wouldn't be able to get their extra money they are working for. ...read more.


Sport can be a recreational activity for instance Sunday league football, rather then a commercial activity like shopping as long as no one has any burden placed upon on someone else. The Sabbath day of rest brings with it physical, mental and spiritual benefits and by shopping we are stopping those people from enjoying its benefits. However the vast majority of the people in our country are not Christians and it is up to them whether they want to observe the Sabbath Law. People are also able to organise their time to worship God and shop/take part in sporting activities if required. Keeping Sunday shows you are different and can press an example on others. ...read more.

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