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Compare and contrast the human search for ultimate meaning in Christianity and one of the four other major religious traditions.

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FOCUS QUESTION- Compare and contrast the human search for ultimate meaning in Christianity and one of the four other major religious traditions. INTRODUCTION In the following report characteristics that contribute and help believers live a good, healthy life and find the ultimate meaning will be discussed in the seven characteristics of religion. The seven characteristics of religion are belief, structure, sacred stories, symbols, ethics, rituals, and rites of passage. Humanity tern to these characteristics for guidance and help. BELIEF A belief is a feeling that an idea is real or true. Beliefs are shared by all followers of the faith and are one of the most important characteristics of a religion. Both Christianity and Islam believe in a higher being, better known as God (Christianity) and Allah (Islam). They also share the belief in a soul creator, an afterlife and both have religious idols who represent the higher being, in human form (example- saints in Christianity and prophets in Islam ). Both Christians and Muslims believe in Jesus Christ, although Christians accept him as God, where as Muslims acknowledge him as a prophet, nothing more. Women in the Christian religion are seen as being equal to men, where as in the Islamic law and custom, women are subservient to men. ...read more.


These sacred stories help the readers in the search for ultimate meaning by informing on how to live and act not telling only informing. SYMBOLS Throughout the world religious groups are arguably noticed by their religious symbols. A symbol is a mark or sign with a special meaning. It can also be used to symbolize acceptance and being part of the group or religion. Symbols may also be viewed as an outward indicator that the person or people belong to a group or religion. In the Christian faith the symbol most acknowledged is the holy cross, with symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus (God). Where as in the Islamic religion is a moon-like shape with a star, which is situated on the right of the moon. The moon-like shape is a representative of Allah and the star represents the five pillars of Islam. Similarities between the symbols are that they both symbolize God or Allah. The difference is the reason why and how the symbols came about with its meaning. Symbols contribute to the ultimate search of meaning by confirming a belonging to a religion or group. ETHICS Ethics can be referred to as being a rule/rules for behavior, moral principal, philosophy, and guidelines for living a peaceful life as seen in the faith. ...read more.


Rites of Passage is again an important part of finding the ultimate meaning as it helps understand the faith in more in-depth no matter what religion one belongs to. VARIENTS The variants of a religion is the differences within a religious or group. Even thought there are some minor differences in characteristics in each group the main unifying characteristics is the single deity .Christianity has many different branches to the faith. These branches are as follows: 1.Cathlic church 2.Orthadox churches 3.Anglican churches 4.Prodestant and Reformed churches In the Islamic religion there isn't as many groups or sects. There is only two different groups these are : 1.The Sunni and 2.The Shi'a The big difference within both religions are that Christianity has more branches to the faith were as in the Islamic religion there is only two different ones. Ultimately the different churches (Christianity) or different mosques (Islam) are that at the end it helps with the search for ultimate meaning. CONCLUSION In summary the combination of the seven characteristics or religion Beliefs, Structures , Sacred Stories, Symbol, Ethics , Ritual, Rites of Passage help humanity with the ultimate search for meaning , by informing and helping man with the different questions about there specific religious belief and the correct way to live ones life according to there faith. ...read more.

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