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Contraception. In this essay I will be analysing and examining whether the use of condoms is acceptable through the different philosophies I have studied.

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Name: Leatitiae Teboh Teacher: Mr Malcolm Strange Subject: A2 RF Word count: 1300 so far Title: Is the use of condoms acceptable? Is the use of condoms acceptable? Contraception or birth control is the term used for the prevention of pregnancy. Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy because of the outcome or the situations they find their selves in. Sex is pleasurable so to enjoy it without ending up being an unready or an inexperienced father or mother the use of condoms comes in by making it easier for the both parties to enjoy themselves successfully. In this essay I will be analysing and examining whether the use of condoms is acceptable through the different philosophies I have studied. I will be exploring the use of condom using the moral philosophical approaches like Utilitarianism, Deontology, Virtue ethics, Emotivism/prescriptivism, Natural law and Situation ethics to justify my approach on the use of condoms. In this essay from the moral ethical approaches I have just mentioned above will help me broke the use of condoms in the society in a more philosophical way giving all the advantages and disadvantages of why condoms should or should not be acceptable. ...read more.


Having to use a condom because of financial pressures, other family members' needs, education, and work - any of these reasons may be justified by the hedonic calculus (weights up the pain and pleasure generated by the available moral actions to find the best option) (Bentham, 1789, Chapter IV, II)4. From a utilitarianism point of one could argue that the use of condoms is acceptable because it maximizes pleasure since we are creating the greatest good for the greatest number of people because sex brings pleasure for the both parties that are involve which then provides the fact that the condom then provides protected sex that gets to spare a difficult life of an unwanted child; probably because of financial crisis for the both parties involved. St Thomas Aquinas is a philosopher and a theologian who developed a fuller account of natural law in the thirteenth century. In his work, the Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas described natural law as a moral code existing within the purpose of nature, created by God: 'Law is nothing else than an ordination of reason for the common good promulgated by the one who is in charge of the community' (II.i Q. ...read more.


So in order to apply the deontological ethical theory to the concept of whether using condom is acceptable or not would be the fact that a deontologist will say it is a duty not to use a condom because its everyone duty to bring new life in to the world and also another deontologist would say it is a duty not to bring a life to this world in which you won't be able to take off in a good morally way. Word count 1300 for now REFRENCES 1. Janssen EMEA, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., 2010 - Last updated on: 30 May 2011 05/07/2011 2. ethical studies Robert Bowie second edition 05/07/2011 3. Aquinas, St Thomas (1273) Summa Theologica, transl. By the Fathers of the English Dominican Province, Benziger Bros, USA, 1947. 05/07/2011 4. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_utilitarianism 5/07/2011 5. http://www.catholic.com/library/Birth_Control.asp 07/07/2011 6. Ethical studies Robert Bowie second edition page 25 07/07/2011 7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deontological_ethics 11/07/2011 1 ethical studies Robert Bowie second edition page36 2 hedone is Greek for 'pleasure' 3 Bentham, 1789, Chapter I, I 4 Bentham, 1789, Chapter IV, II 5 Ethical studies Robert Bowie second edition page 25 ?? ?? ?? ?? Leatitia Teboh Mr Strange 03/01/2012 ...read more.

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