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Could the self be an illusion?

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Could the self be an illusion ? Yes, the self definitely can be an illusion. Whether you are a materialist or dualist, there is a significant chance that the self could be an illusion although it's not definite that it is. We often elude ourselves with images of the self. But I believe our upbringing and the environment we grew up in has a great affect on our selves and has covered or hidden our true selves, even from us. And what we and others perceive may be just an illusion. Most importantly we cannot even be sure that this whole world, whole universe that we live in is not an illusion. The "reality" that we live in may very well be a dream. ...read more.


Similarly the self is hidden by our upbringing, and therefore what we perceive is an illusion. Some times under extremely stressful situations we may be forced to show our true selves. For example when a Antarctica expedition is lost and running low on food they may resort to cannibalism to survive, and most people could never imagine themselves doing such a thing. Another popular view of the self is presented by D. Hume in the book a treatise of human nature. Hume believes that the self is a collection of our perceptions. He argues that because we are constantly perceiving we are nothing more than our perceptions. "I never catch myself at any one time without a perception, and never can observe any thing but the perception."1 Therefore ourselves is our collection of perceptions. ...read more.


For all we know "death" could be the passage in to the real world, and we will never know until we are there. All these questions we cannot answer. They may seem to be absurd and the answer obvious, but when you really consider the possibilities there is a definite chance that this whole "reality" could be a virtual reality. If we are living in this big illusion, the chances of us finding our true selves is almost nonexistent. In all the examples mentioned above the self my very well be what we think it is. The true self may turn out to be an illusion. We may end up being in something like the matrix. All these possibilities we are not certain of, some say it's this some say that. but one can't deny the possibility that the self we have created in our minds could be an illusion. ...read more.

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