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Death and What Next?

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Jaime Garrett 10MB Death and What Next? A living human can only be one hundred percent sure of one thing, that is that there is life on Earth. Although there is believed to be an afterlife some people may think that the idea of an afterlife has been made up to make people feel easier about death. In a way I believe that this is both true and false. I think that often an afterlife is spoken about to comfort the emotions of people but I do believe that there is an afterlife in heaven. The one, most definite thing is that you will die. Some people believe that the person you are during your life determines whether you will go to heaven or hell and this is decided by a supreme power. ...read more.


It is often said that "Heaven is only for those who believe in Jesus Christ and who have received Salvation" I personally do not believe that heaven is only for those who believe in Jesus Christ because in today's society, the church does not play as large a part as it has previously. People today have their own opinions, views and choices whereas is past years it has always been a custom to 'Belong' to a church. Most Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ and have received salvation, will in theory enter heaven. St Paul - "I am certain that nothing can separate us from his love; neither death nor life, neither angels not heavenly rulers...neither the world above nor the world below... through Jesus Christ our Lord. ...read more.


"We have entrusted or brother/sister to God's merciful keeping and now we commit his/her body to the ground (or be burned). Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, who died was buried and rose again for. To him be glory for ever and ever.... Amen" This is the final statement made by the minister at the ceremony before the body of the deceased person is finally laid to rest. Some people may argue that there is Life after Death and others may argue that there is no life after death. None of this can possibly be proven true to people on earth. The only way we found out is to proceed through our life to the end where we shall find out. Personally I like to think that when I die it is not the end and I will go to 'another' place. ...read more.

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