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Describe and explain what followers of the religion which you are studying may believe about the power of good and the power of evil.

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Describe and explain what followers of the religion which you are studying may believe about the power of good and the power of evil. In basic terms Muslims believe that if you are good and follow Allah you go to heaven but if you lead an evil life you join Iblis (Satan) in hell. Muslims believe that you have the free will to do what you want therefore you have the will to lead a life of righteousness and to submit to the will of Allah. If you choose to do this you will be rewarded in this world by living a life of peace and contentment and when you die you will qualify for the heaven of eternal bliss. ...read more.


Everyone is given an instinct, which decides whether you choose good or evil. The Islamic faith believes God does not control any one person's mind like a robot but we have the free will to choose. Although Allah knows the present, past, and future of everything he has created, he still lets us have the free will to choose between good and evil even if he knows we will choose an evil path he will still let us have the free will to climb that path Allah already knows our destiny but we do not. Allah knows if we will obey or disobey him but it still comes down to Allah wanting us to have the free will to choose our own path to follow. ...read more.


But angels are not given the freedom and never ever go against the will of God. 'The Lord said to the angels..."When I have created Man and breathed My spirit into him, then fall ye down and worship him." So all the angels bowed down in worship, all of them together. But not so Iblis (the chief jinn): he refused to be among those who bowed down.' The idea of evil and the devil was first created when the first human who was called Adam was created. Allah ordered all the Angels to respect Adams decisions, which they did. Iblis who is chief of the Jinn did not do this and rebelled because he considered himself to be a superior being. Therefore he was punished and became an enemy of all humans. Muslims believe to this day Satan is still trying to get revenge by trying to lead people to disobey the will of Allah. ...read more.

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