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Describe Biblical teaching which might be used to support Pacifism.

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Describe Biblical teaching which might be used to support Pacifism. Some people are Pacifists because of Biblical teachings. They are against war and believe that violence is inappropriate. Jesus was a Pacifist; he believed in peace. Today there's a branch of Christians called the Quakers who support Pacifism so much that they would rather be thrown in jail than fight for their country. There are many mentions in the Bible of peace, in both the Old and the New Testaments. In the Old Testament there is the commandment "thou shalt not kill". ...read more.


Jesus doesn't struggle and rebukes one of his disciples for cutting off a soldier's ear, saying it was the wrong reaction. He says that "all who draw the sword will die by the sword". In Paul's letter to the Romans he tells them not to take revenge and to love their enemies instead. He tells them to "live at peace with everyone" as much as possible. Peace is mentioned many times in the Bible - in the Christmas story, and especially in Matthew. He writes about how Jesus instructed his disciples to spread their peace, and how peacemakers "shall be called God's children". ...read more.


Gentleness and self-control are mentioned too. In Ephesians it says that to conquer evil we should protect ourselves with the armour of God, and let the shoes on our feet be the "gospel of peace". In Hebrews it says we should "aim at peace with everyone" and live a "holy life" or nobody will see God. In the New Testament it also says: "do not resist one who is evil". According to the Bible, all men are "made in the image of God", whether we know them, like them or hate them. Christians are taught to love their enemies, not punish them, as God will bring them to justice when they die. It is up to him to pass judgement, not us. ...read more.

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