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Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.

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RE Coursework Msgana Semere Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work. The word discipleship comes from the Latin word-meaning learner. Jesus was a teacher and he chose 12 people to be his disciples. These disciples had the duty to follow Jesus, they preached from the Gospel's and Jesus' teachings. They lived their life in service of others and the lord. A Christian may serve God through vocation. Vocation comes from the Latin word-meaning calling. Jesus had a vocation, the gospels indicate that when Jesus was baptised, he heard the voice of God calling him, he received the Holy Spirit. ...read more.


Christians show and share the love of God in the lives of others e.g. Doctors, Marriage. Being a disciple is to be a witness. Christians are called to be witnesses to the love of God and to their faith in Jesus. Witness gives evidence in public and by that they attract others to their Christian way of life. Christians spread their faith through out the world. Some but few are called martyr's. Martyr comes from the Greek word meaning witness. A martyr dies for their beliefs e.g. Martin Luther King and Oscar Romero. Martin Luther king was one man who spoke out against injustice and racism. ...read more.


Christians today may not want to die but can still serve God by being part of a religious community from a layperson to a pope. Christians have received the Holy Spirit in baptism. They are therefore called to share Christ's role in their every day lives as priest, king and prophet. In their priestly role they are called to private or public worship. - Mass. In their role as prophet they are called to proclaim God's truth, injustice and false truth. In their role as king they are called be guides for others - so that others will know what it means to be Christian. ...read more.

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