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discrimination and the treatment of women

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Does the present treatment of women reflect the mind of Jesus? Christians try to follow the example of Jesus. In my essay I have been asked to investigate whether the present treatment of women reflects the mind of Jesus. This is a difficult question to answer because different churches and Christians have different approaches. It is difficult to define what constitutes sexism. But it is also an important issue because sexism is against the law. There are many biblical passages to clarify it in the Old and New Testament. There are many issues of equality which come up. There are ways in which discrimination against women is being challenged in the churches today. In November 1992 women were ordained for the first time. ...read more.


Does this situation really reflect the attitude of Jesus to women? I have studied various examples of Jesus meeting with women and based on these examples I would say that Jesus' attitude was that men and women are equal. One typical example of the way he treated women was in Mark 14:3-9 where it states that when Jesus was in the town of Bethany a woman came with a jar of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head. The people present were looking down on the woman and exclaiming thoughts with each other about how the woman had wasted the perfume when it could have sold to earn money for the poor. They were hoping for Jesus to agree with them but were surprised when Jesus in actual fact stood up for the woman. ...read more.


In conclusion I believe that the attitude of the church to women does not reflect the mind of Jesus. My reason for saying this is because churches like the Catholic Church clearly make divisions between the jobs of men and women in the church. I think this does not support the teachings of Jesus' which show that men and women are equal. I think women should have the opportunity to be priests of they want to do and they are capable. However to some extent I can see the point of view of the Catholic Church and understand how when the Vatican 2 was written it was perhaps not appropriate for women to be priests. But in today's day and age I think perhaps the rules could be updated, modified and possibly even reconsidered. Fatema Merali 4A ...read more.

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