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Discussion of abortion

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Abortion Abortion An abortion is a termination of a pregnancy. This results in killing an unborn baby. The technical name for this type of abortion is a procured abortion, however some people do not like to use the term procured as it means killing so they call it a termination. Sometimes abortions can occur naturally because the baby does not develop normally or the mother may have an injury, which would prevent her from carrying the pregnancy to term. This type of abortion is called a spontaneous abortion, which is usually known as a miscarriage. Abortion used to be a crime and in some countries like Ireland it still is. Each year 140,000 abortions take place without the consent of the father. Even if the father of the baby is married to the expectant mother he still has no rites and cannot stop the abortion. In 1967 David Steel introduced a bill, which became the abortion act. This said that an abortion could take place for up to 28 weeks. However now it has been amended to 24 weeks, because now doctors can keep babies alive from 24 weeks. After 24 weeks abortions are very rare but if two doctors decide that it is appropriate to still have an abortion because of the risk to the mother or the baby then it could take place. ...read more.


Also Catholics accept the teachings of the Authority of the Church therefore they are against abortion. Catholics would say that if the mother cannot cope with a baby, then she should give birth still and then could have the baby adopted, as there are many parents who cannot have a baby and would really be thankful for one. This way the baby can have a life. If the mother wants to keep the baby then there are many support groups who can assist her. LIFE can offer the mother support and counselling and will also help her with accommodation. LIFE can also give the mother practical help and follow up care. Some Catholics may prefer to respond with a personal response. They may want to talk to the mother and offer her support. Also they might ask a Priest or a counsellor to talk to the expectant mother. Some Catholics might pray for the mother and ask God to give her guidance. Some Catholics may respond by taking part in protests and demonstrations, so they can express their opinions publicly. Also some may write a letter to their local MP's so they can voice their opinions. Also they might ask Parliament for the repeal of the Abortion Act 1967 and its replacement by a statue, so that the unborn child can have protection. ...read more.


That way the baby would still have a life. People of other religions also have mixed views on abortion. Muslims are against abortion because in their Holy Book 'The Sutras', it says you cannot have an abortion. Whereas many other religions, such as Jews would disagree. They believe that the baby is not a baby until birth. Therefore it is fine to have an abortion. Protestants and Methodists believe that abortion on demand is wrong, but if there is a disability with the baby or if there has been a rape they believe it is okay. Personally, from my point of view having outlined the different views on abortion. I feel that abortion is wrong. I think abortion is wrong because I believe that from the moment the egg and sperm unite a potential life is made. Before I read all of the different points I believed that abortion was wrong under all circumstances, except for rape. But now, having understood that it is not the baby's fault I believe it is immoral. I also thought that it was okay to use the morning after pill. However, after carrying out research on the topic I now recognize that this another form of abortion. I think that if someone finds out they are pregnant but does not want the baby because they think a baby might get in the way of their job then they should still have the baby but have it adopted. ...read more.

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