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Explain how God is revealed as good in the Bible

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Tahmina Sultana Explain how God is revealed as ?good? in the Bible (25 marks) In the Bible there are many different stories that take place, which reveal God as being Omni-benevolent, Omnipotent, Omniscient and great. However some people may start to interpret different ideas of God through the stories, such as God may have punished people, etc. some people in this generation may argue that the Bible does not show God as being ?good?, and others may disagree and accept that the Bible was produced thousands of years ago, so different ways of showing goodness and love may have changed, yet may interpret the way that shows God as ?good?. In the Bible God is revealed to be very powerful in what He does, and Omni benevolent; All-good. In the Bible there are many stories that illustrate God as being good, such as the story of Abraham and his son; Isaac. God commanded Abraham to take himself and his sin to Mount Moriah, and offer Isaac as a scarification to his Lord; God. God was testing Abraham?s faith and love for his Lord or for his son. However even Abraham was a very religious and pious man, he also loved his son; Isaac very much, but he did not hesitate in following God?s command. ...read more.


In the book of Exodus, the 10 Commandments also reveal God to be ?good? as it shows that God has given us guidelines for God?s people. If God did not give us the 10 Commandments people in the world would not have an ultimate purpose or meaning in life, by not having the 10 Commandments, people would not know what their goal is in life and they would go astray. God is revealed as ?good? in the Bible, as it shows that God is loving and good to give us guidelines to make us know what path to take and to give us rules to get to heaven, for instance. In the book of Genesis (6:13), God told Noah ?I have decided to put an end to the whole human race. I will destroy them completely, because the world is full of their violent deeds?, this quote from Genesis shows that wrath of God, as the people who lived in the time of Noah were corrupt and full of evil minds that did not change. The story of Noah?s Ark, shows that God commanded Noah to build a boat big enough for every creature to get on and all those who believed Noah that there will be a flood given by God, and his family. ...read more.


This shows how pious they were and these are also guidelines to become like them. God has given us rules and regulations because we are His creation and He is our creator, imagine a mother who had told her son to make sure he is careful when he goes out and come back before 10 pm, of course the son would question and she would say do as you are told, it can be dangerous. The mother only gave her son rules and regulations because she loves her son and does not want anything to happen to him. This is similarly the same for God, as God loves His creation more than its parents. God wants us to be safe and because He loves us, so he placed these rules and regulations for the sake of safety and love. God is Omni-potent and omniscient, so we do not know why God has given us these rules and regulations sometimes, if we might think they are quite strange, yet we should always believe that God does it for our best interest. We do not know what may happen in the future, and this is all by God?s will, and we may have to use the rules and regulations to help us get along in life. http://www.therefinersfire.org/original_commandments.htm ...read more.

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