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Explain how the attitude of Jesus towards the Sabbath in Marks Gospel might affect Christians today.

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AO2: Explain how the attitude of Jesus towards the Sabbath in Marks Gospel might affect Christians today. Jesus' attitude to the Sabbath was that: "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" This attitude totally contrasted the view of the Pharisees, who treated the Sabbath, and encouraged everyone else to treat it like man was made for it. Jesus compared his actions in the "Lord of the Sabbath", when he picks grain for him and his disciples, on the Sabbath, to David, who: "Entered the house of God and ate the consecrated bread, which is lawful only for priests to eat" The Pharisees, who led Jesus to explaining his opinion to the Sabbath (above), by questioning him for "working" on the Sabbath were very upstanding and well respected people in the community of Jesus' time. ...read more.


They enforced the fence around the law to make it unbreakable. They enforced each law rigidly and made sure that everyone else followed their strict interpretaion of the laws. We can clearly see how Jesus attitude to the Sabbath totally contrasted the view of the Pharisees in that he looks upon it in nearly the opposite fashion. Where the Pharisees took the attitude that the Sabbath was an issue that carried strict laws that shouldn't be broken, and not much else, Jesus took the attitude that the Sabbath is there to help, not hinder humanity. Where very few people follow the attitude of the Pharisees today, most of them keep alive the attitude of Jesus to the Sabbath. ...read more.


I think that people in today's world like to follow Jesus in whatever ways possible and the fact that Jesus took a very "lenient" attitude to the Sabbath I think, is exploited in today's world where people take it too far, to the limit if you like, and not care about the Sabbath at all. Jesus was brought up in the way that the Pharisees would see as and ideal upbringing. He was brought up to follow every Sabbath law immaculately but he has expressed the message that the Sabbath was made for man, not the other way round, this, in my opinion has led people in to thinking that they are too good to worship the Sabbath almost, and this affect is drawing to the point where the Sabbath will no longer be cared for. Philip O' Hare ...read more.

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