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Explain how the Bible portrays the creativity of God.

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´╗┐Explain how the Bible portrays the creativity of God. (25 marks) When read in sequence there are many contradictory statements between Genesis chapter one and two. The origins of the world and order of creation are for example different. Although within the same holy text, the two chapters provide contrasting theories on creation. This creates problems with understanding the nature of God and how uniqueness and powerful he is. These contradictions mean that there are varying views and understandings even between people within the same church. They are also often the basis for the doubt held by many believers and are used to question the foundations of the religion as a whole. Many Christian beliefs are based around the idea of creatio ex nihilo, creation from nothing. Yet the very first lines of their ancient text contradict this. They imply that in fact God was "hovering over the waters" before beginning the creation of the earth. ...read more.


The phrasing of this produces confusion for God says, "in our image", this suggests that there is a group of Gods rather than one ruling over all. This is often seen as God's recognition of human presence becoming inevitable, so when he says, "our" he refers to him/herself and humanity. In chapter 2 of Genesis the order of creation is much different. Rather than humans creation being the final addition they are the very first creation from which all else is based. Also the verse says the "Lord God made the earth" which suggests creation ex nihilo rather than order from chaos. Equally different from the first chapter, God only creates man originally and women come much later. This has led to the more common interpretation of the Bible as a myth and teaching rather than the story of what actually occurred. These contradictions are often the basis of many of the criticisms leveled at Genesis. ...read more.


Secondly if God is omnipresence how can he take a physical presence and walk through the Garden of Eden and have a face to face conversation with Adam. As soon as God takes a physical form like when he breathes into Adam's nostrils in chapter 2 he is less divine and less unique. God is worshipped because he isn't human, because he is separate and omnipotent, a force that is beyond human understanding. Do we share in his ?image? in form or morality? Do both make him less impressive? If we share in his nature does that not mean he also shares in ours? These questions allow us to question how special and separated from humanity God truly is. God is shown to be a perfect being so he would therefore only be able to create perfectly using creatio ex nihilo if this is true then how is the world no longer perfect? He is omniscient and omnipresent so would be able to see all possibilities and therefore be able to prevent imperfection by being omnipotent. ...read more.

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