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Explain how the bible shows god as a creator

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a) Explain how the bible shows god as a creator (25) in the bible it explains how god is the creator creating the world in Genesis 1-3, this is excepted without question without having the matter debating. The nature of God is seen in passages of Genesis, Job, Psalm and Isaiah. Within the Judeao Christian tradition there are number of key things that are meant when God is described as Creator: 1. God causes the universe to exist 2. God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and existing at every moment 3. God is responsible for everything which exist within the universe These ideas derived from the bible .The Judeao Christian Tradition believe that God is the creator of everything and is taken for granted, for example a early summary of a Christian belief called the Apostles Creed open with words ? I believe in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth?. In this passage of Genesis 1:1 when God created the heavens and the earth, it shows the belief in God as creator centres on the idea of God creating the earth in the Genesis. ...read more.


The idea of God creating the universe out of nothing is usually referred to as Creatio ex nihilo. In Genesis1:2 it says that God?s spirit hovers over the formless void and chaos of the waters and controls it. The biblical scholar John Day has pointed out that this is the same ideas as that was found in Psalm 104:26. John Day suggested that God?s? control of the waters is simply a job of work?. This early idea was then replaced in Christian belief with the idea that God creates out of nothing. The name Creatio ex nihilo today is appealing to many people today as it fits in with the idea of the universe and times all beginning at the big bang. Omniscience means ?all-knowing?. From the bible, it stated that god is shown to be all knowing. God the creator knows what he is doing with creation, how is he creating the universe and knows what exactly is happening within the universe. There are several examples in the bible where god is very aware of what happened in the Garden of Eden such as when Eve eats the fruit of the tree of knowledge and good. ...read more.


Aquinas explains that God is ?active power? and that ?his power has no limits? which echoes the impression of omnipotent in the bible. Omnipresence is a quality of god which refers to god being present throughout creation. It is linked to omnipotence in the bible. In the Judaeo Christian tradition, god the creator is shown as sustaining all his creation and also being present within creation as all times. It links the fact that god is responsible for everything that exist and continues to exists in the universe. Second God being Omnipresence relates to God being omniscient. Within the bible, God is shown as being omnipresent and aware of what happens as well as being the creator who is separate, an example in the Genesis 3, God is depicted in a human like way as walking in the garden in the cool of the afternoon and aware of Adam and Eve sin. In Job38 God?s presence is everywhere from the stars, weather and animals to the gates of death. It clearly shows the extent of creation being beyond human comprehension but God is present within all creation. ...read more.

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