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Explain how the bible shows God as creator

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Thomas Hurley Philosophy Homework Questions Explain how the bible shows God as creator (25 marks) In the bible God is described as the creator of everything. This is accepted without being questioned rather than being a matter of discussion. The nature of God as creator is most clearly seen in passages from genesis, Job and Psalms. God is described as the creator meaning he designed and produced everything. According to Christian tradition, God caused the Universe to exist, he is responsible for the Universe coming into existence and existing at every moment. God is also responsible for everything that will ever exist in the Universe. God is seen as a craftsman in Job 28, this is where he is described as the designer who laid the very foundations of the earth. God is pictured as being in control of the sun and the moon even though we know through science that they follow regular patterns of behaviour. In genesis 2, God making Adam from dust is like a potter shaping clay. ...read more.


From the Bible God is shown to be all knowing. God the creator is aware of his creation and knows exactly what happens. There are numerous examples in the Bible of God being aware of what happens such as when Eve eats the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. God?s omniscience is about the limitless nature of God?s knowledge, he has knowledge of the creation of earth and how every part of the earth functions. Omnipresence is a quality of God which means he is present throughout his creation. Omnipresence is linked to the idea of omnipotence in the Bible. Within the Christian tradition, God the creator is seen as sustaining all his creation and being present through all of time. The idea of omnipresence links in with the idea of God being responsible for everything that exists and continues to exist. It also links in with God being omniscient, within the Bible, omnipresent and aware of what happens as well as being the creator who is separate. ...read more.


A weakness to this statement is that God is not like any human being and cannot possibly be compared to a car designer. People believe that God created natural laws to apply to the earth, all of these natural disasters and their consequences are the result of the world working in a regular way. The world is created and within it change and development can occur. If this wasn?t the case and change couldn?t occur or develop, evolvement would not take place and species would never die out. If the world had no change or development there may never be any deaths and equally no births. God being responsible for everything in the Universe obviously only creates a dilemma if you believe in God. Science can in no way explain why the Universe exists. It can speculate but there is no physical or logical way to escape the Universe to investigate. Believing in or rejecting God as the creator, responsible for everything that happens in the universe is a faith choice for all people ...read more.

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