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Explain how the ethics of Religion you have studied might approach issues surrounding euthanasia.

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Explain how the ethics of Religion you have studied might approach issues surrounding euthanasia A traditional Catholic or natural law approach would argue that suicide goes against the idea of humanity as the 'faithful steward' of life given by God. The Catholic Church considers euthanasia as ethically wrong; this deontological viewpoint has always taught the absolute and unchanging value of the commandment 'You shall not kill.' Natural Law teaches us that both birth and death are part of life procedures which God has shaped, so we should respect them. Issues surrounding euthanasia hold resonance with abortion. Christians deem that the intrinsic dignity and value of human lives mean that value of each human life is identical. Human dignity is not measured by mobility or intelligence, as we are all made in the image of God. Subsequently, the unborn, the ill and the frail should exist regardless of their circumstance. This concept is referred to as the sanctity of life. ...read more.


Choosing to die' could be viewed as lacking faith in an omnipotent God, who has the power to create change or perform a miracle. It was just recently that three year Layla Towsey woke up from a five day coma, who knows what good things can come out of the last phase of a person's life? It is for this reason that the Catholic Church up hold their stance on the sanctity of life and actively campaign against the practice of Euthanasia. 'Religious ethics leave no room for compassionate treatment of the dying.' Discuss. It could be argued that leaving someone to die in severe pain is immoral. Seventy four year old Reginald Crew was one of the first Britain's to visit Switzerland for assisted suicide. He was in so much pain that it was seen as a 'humane act to end his life.' Many world faith teachings show grave compassion for the dying. ...read more.


This Jewish teaching can be seen as treating the dying with compassion. The Catholic Church abstractly views Euthanasia as a form of murder. We could argue that if Euthanasia was made legal in the U.K, the laws regulating may be abused, and ill patients may be coerced into their own deaths by relatives or friends. They could effectively be murdered for a variation of reasons, such as monetary gains. Because the catholic church protest against Euthanasia, in effect they are protecting the dying, from any foul play. The Catholic Church also show compassion for the dying by favouring support and community for the terminally ill, pining for the best possible palliative care. It is also the duty of the catholic clergy to spiritually aid patients to prepare people for death, for example giving the sacrament of the sick. I would disagree that Religious ethics leaves no room for compassionate treatment for the dying. In all faiths it is common place to look after the sick and pray for them. Opposition to euthanasia does in fact protects the rights of the dying and up holds the sanctity of life. . ...read more.

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