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Explain how this teaching about discipleship would affect the life of a Christian today? Jesus' words taught the disciples what it means not to be powerful but to be servants

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Explain how this teaching about discipleship would affect the life of a Christian today? Jesus' words taught the disciples what it means not to be powerful but to be servants. "Whoever wants to be first must place himself last of all and be the servant of all" Jesus always had a way of teaching his disciples how to be better people. "Christians care for the weak in society for religious reasons. They recognise others as members of God's family, brothers and sisters of Christ. Worship of God, and care for their neighbours are part of the way they understand the meaning of their lives. Christians today work for each other and for the people that they see as the weak in society such as the elderly, alcoholics, drug addicts and one-parent families. There are plenty of schemes run by voluntary Christian organisations for the poor and weak in society e.g. ...read more.


Jesus explains this to mean that God is the only Lord we have so therefore we need to love trust him and depend on him in everything we do. The second greatest commandment of them all is to "Love your neighbour as yourself" (Mark's Gospel - 12: 31). When Jesus was talking of these two great commandments he wanted us to realise that life does not revolve around ourselves it is about what we can do for others. Ordinary people can do many things for others for example: running Sunday schools and charity fund raising events. Individuals such as Mother Teresa and Jackie Pullinger have demonstrated how to be a true disciple in today's modern world. These unique, caring and hard working ladies who like the first disciple gave up everything they had both followed in the footsteps of the 'Rich Young Man' described in Mark's Gospel apart from the exception that the Rich man could not give up his wealth. ...read more.


Mother Teresa served others by feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, working for peace and fighting for justice. Jackie Pullinger Provided food, shelter and healthcare, visiting prisons, speaking up for victims, and these became the ingredients of her everyday life. The situation was so transformed that even the drug barons watched out for her safety. As well as individuals there are also many societies who act as true disciples like Oxfam, Cardinal Hume Centre, Amnesty International and many others. Jesus commission to the apostles was to 'go into the world and preach the gospel news, baptize believers, drive out demons and place your hands on sick people. Today this is what the modern church and individuals basis their principles on like priests, ministers, monks, nuns and missionaries who devote their lives to this commission and through Jesus' teachings the world is becoming a better place. Word count- 535 Quotations 115 ...read more.

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