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Explain the beliefs that Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and end of their lives?

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Explain the beliefs that Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and end of their lives? Jesus showed the most compassion in his life to the weak in society The Christian beliefs towards our duty and responsibilities towards others at the beginning and end of their lives can be explained by the teachings of Jesus. From the very routes of the creation of human life, the duty of our responsibility is set. Adam and Eve were created as equals, as are all human life. They were also made in the image and likeness of God. If taken literally and practiced this would mean that life is sacred and God given and therefore it is our duty to respect and cherish all life, as all our equals. ...read more.


With the human life we inherit, we are called to follow the Ten Commandments that the Lord sent to Moses. - Respect your farther and mother - Do not commit murder The fifth commandment states that you must respect your Farther and Mother and this means that euthanasia and abandoning of the duty to look after the parents would be wrong. The sixth commandment states do not kill, a law that has become one of which plays a large part in today's society of law. This law quiet clearly states that the situations of abortion at the beginning of human life and euthanasia at the end of a person's life, is wrong. This interpretation is further supported by life being God given and that all our equal at every part of their life. ...read more.


Love your neighbour is a strong commandment. This commandment would imply that it is every Christian's duty to look after the old and young. Christians care for the young and old in society mainly for religious reasons. They recognise others as their Brothers and Sisters. They help others by, for instance having a Social Responsibility Sunday. An example of a Christian's attitude to their duty for the weak in today's society was Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa deeply believed in her work with the elderly and said that people who are dying should know that somebody cares. For Christians, she said it was a privilege to be with someone, and loving them, at the moment of their death, as she believes in dying one awakens to eternal life. From this, the Christians duty is to love and care for the young and old, not to abort or to practise euthanasia and respect all life. * A.M.D.G Aaron Mcloughlin 07/05/07 ...read more.

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