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Explain the Christian values and perspective displayed by the writer (IBsen) and the main characters. An Enemy of the People deals with the extent to which individual desires

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Asmar Ahmad Explain the Christian values and perspective displayed by the writer and the main characters. An Enemy of the People deals with the extent to which individual desires and beliefs are compromised by society. In particular, the play focuses on the ways in which an individual can be ostracized by the society he is trying to help. One primary message of the play is that the individual, who stands alone, is more often "right" than the mass of people, who are portrayed as ignorant and sheeplike. Isben who turned atheist during his encounter with Georg Brandes, presents many Christian values in 'An enemy of the people', and religious references. Both Dr. Stockmann and Mrs. Stockmann reveal signs of religious references and show Christian values. We learn that Dr. Stockmann has strong moral values when it comes to honesty and truth. From the following we can tell that he believes that the truth should not be hidden from anyone let alone the community, and that the truth shall prevail in the end. ...read more.


His struggle to be heard by others is similar to that of the Christ. Dr Stockmann is seen to have only good intentions for the people in his community and is willing to put the welfare of others in front of his own and his family, just as Jesus did. Mrs. Stockmann. I don't know anything about that; but God preserve us from the peace of mind we shall have, all the same, if you go on defying him! You will find yourself again without the means of subsistence, with no income to count upon. I should think we had had enough of that in the old days. Remember that, Thomas; think what that means. Dr. Stockmann. And this is what this slavery can bring upon a free, honorable man! Dr. Stockmann. I do not mind coming back twice if necessary. A matter of such great importance- the welfare of the town at stake- it is no time to shirk trouble. ...read more.


Stockmann tries to resist the conversation especially in front of her boys. Hovastad. Do you really think it can do the boys any harm to hear such things? Mrs. Stockmann. I don't know; but I don't like it. We also see many religious expressions made by her, such as 'good heavens', or Good lord help us'. She also makes reference to God when speaking to Dr. Stockmann., 'I don't know anything about it but God preserve us. Apart from Mrs. Stockmann and Dr Stockmann showing some religious reference we see Petra reveal that hard work is also presented as a good Christian value. 'Yes - but that is good. One is so delightfully tired after it'. In the end we see similarities in both Jesus and Dr. Stockman that they both struggle to get the truth out to people, and that both are seen as enemies although they are in fact people doing right for others. Dr Stockmann does stand alone in the end but he was the one in the right, and stood up to his believes, and in his mind, 'the strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone'. ...read more.

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