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Explain the Importance for Buddhists of the 3 Marks of Existence'

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'Explain the Importance for Buddhists of the 3 Marks of Existence' Introduction The 3 marks of existence is the fundamental basis for the Buddhist world view, it is essentially that everything that exists in our ordinary world is conditioned, impernament, causes suffering and is dependant on everything else. Buddhists feel the 3 marks of existence are so important because people do not usually realise that the wor is like this, and it is this basic ignorance that is the root cause of their suffering. To attain englightenement and realise the unconditioned, we need to dismantle our false ideas so that we understand how things really are. We have to see through the false images we have of ourselves and connect with who we truly are. The entire Buddhist path is about freeing oneself from a distorted view of reality and the suffering it brings. Teachings present the 3 marks of existence in a systematic way. ...read more.


This is what we call change - what we observe that does not need special scientific methods to be discovered. This level of change to Buddhists is important as they feel it is undeniable. Momentry change means that everything is constantly changing from moment to moment. Somethings may appear not to be changing to the human eye, but if observed closely we can see that there are atoms and electrons constantly changing their configuration. This change is all the time. Visible changes result from millions and millions of accumulated smaller changes. Many buddhists compare momentary change to the frames of a film going through the projector at just the right speed to give us an illusion of a continuous sequence. Dukkha Humans do not want certain changes and cannot let go of our desire and craving. We do not see the changing nature of things around us and these changes cause us pain and suffering. ...read more.


This is the reason why some people who appear to have many things, like money, are actually unhappy. The suffering of condition existence refers to the basic dissastifaction humans have with life, something which arises from things like insecurity and frustration of human limitations. The fact that we die might make feel life itself seem pointless. Anatta Anatta is unique to buddism and is developed from the idea of impermanence. The fundamental idea of permanence indicates that nothing has an unchanging self. Everything is process, and everything is simply made up a lot of constantly changing parts. If we believe that things have an unchanging essense and that change affects only their secondary qualities, then if we chop a branch of a tree we still say the tree is a tree. Similarly, if our moods and feelings change over time we still think we are the same person. Many people feel identity is not dependant on particular states of mind. Many Buddhists and people in general differ in opinion on how many changes must occur before the identity of the object has changed. ...read more.

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