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Explain the meaning of discipleship with reference to present say Christian belief and life.

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B. Explain the meaning of discipleship with reference to present say Christian belief and life. The term disciple is a very vague one. It can be interpreted in a number of ways. The reader's digest oxford edition defines it as 'A follower or pupil of a leader, teacher, philosophy.' This meaning is also indefinite, in this part of the coursework I will try to come about a more distinct answer. The early disciples followed Jesus almost blindly. They were told to leave their fishing nets and boats upon the shore and they did. This means being a disciple requires faith. However, Jesus did not just expect them to leave with no assurance. This was Jesus accounting for our humanity. He realises that humans find it hard to believe so he performed a miracle with the fish for proof. When Jesus had called the disciples he requested that they tell the world about him. The early disciples would go from town to town preaching the word. Jesus also accounted for the fact that not everyone wants to hear what they are saying. Jesus gave the instruction that when people won't listen they should 'shake the dust from off their feet' and continue. The fact that Jesus keeps making allowances for disciple's human weakness shows that he doesn't want us to be perfect just to set out to do right. ...read more.


King's movement was initiated by one black woman deciding not to give up her seat. This seemingly simple act inspired a movement that would change the world and make it a better place. Martin gave his life for the cause not for glory or recognition but in the knowledge that God loved all people and there is no race in his eyes. Mother Teresa Mother Teresa is possibly most renowned for her efforts to give love to those who felt they couldn't be loved. This in a way mirrors Jesus as he often preached to lepers and other marginalised people. Mother Teresa was educated in Ireland and used these skills to teach people in Calcutta. She went amongst the sick and the dying where few had gone before. Mother Teresa never lost sight of God's word and really observed one of Jesus' most fundamental teachings 'love thy neighbour.' Mother Teresa achieved a Nobel peace prize in 1979 she still remained humble. Maximillian Kolbe Kolbe was a polish priest who gave his live in place for one other man. This act was totally selfless and was not required however he was moved to do this and in turn showed God's love. The life Kolbe gave was for one person. The gesture was on a small scale but the big effect it had was immeasurable. ...read more.


Without this worry people can freely serve him and do his work without fear of persecution. Nowadays we have role models to try and copy and re-create their good actions. Years ago these role models would have been silenced or killed and this was even if people could hear about them because most things back then were passed on by oral traditional. The media is a very powerful tool. It can work for or against disciples. It can prove an excellent way of getting across information. It could educate the masses about God quickly and efficiently and in a way making it easier for disciples to communicate to the world about Jesus. Christianity is no longer hidden. People can openly talk to people about Jesus and the work he did. There are thousands of Christian churches and over 200 Christian denomination so it would be hard for anyone not to know about Jesus. Finally nowadays if someone does not want to be a disciple of Jesus they can at least seek counsel in various other places. Counselling and talking about your feelings is encouraged today whereas before concerns were kept under allowing people to make injudicious choices. In conclusion, I still believe that it is harder to be a disciple today. The world has become very secular and people therefore have a 'can't be bothered' attitude towards Christ. Candidate Name: Gerard McGarvey Candidate Number: Discipleship ...read more.

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