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Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community.

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RE Coursework Msgana Semere Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community. A religious community is a group of people who want to be perfect Christians, people who are dedicated to God and want to serve him. Ample forth Abbey is a religious community. It is a community of monks living under the rule of St Benedict and an abbot, on the Southern edge of the north Yorkshire Moor, National park The Benedictine monks are a praying community, witnessing to their Christian faith and their baptism. ...read more.


he heard the words of the gospel '' If you wish to be perfect go and sell your possessions and give the money to the poor. About 250 years later after St Anthony, a man named Benedict had a vocation to live as a hermit, he soon had followers and he established a monastic community for which he wrote a rule. ...read more.


Their religious community is apostolic they have a school attached to their abbey and some of the monks work their as teachers. Typically a monk's divided up into regular and formal times of prayer, for reading and for working. First it is matins and 45mins of private prayer followed lauds. More praying and more work followed by lunch. In the evening vespers and spiritual reading and last compline and the great silence. This regular rhythm is part of what sustains the monks and coaches them in the gospels wisdom. ...read more.

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