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Explain the role of religious leaders as a source of authority and assess the views that scriptures are the most important source of authority in religion today.

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Explain the role of religious leaders as a source of authority and assess the views that scriptures are the most important source of authority in religion today. In the today's society sources of authority can come from religious leaders or the Holy Scriptures present within a religion. In the Islamic religion the religious leader is the Imam. This person is elected within the community to take this role as they are a person who is respected by the members of the mosque, who has studied the Qur'an and the Hadith. They also should have a good knowledge of this religion and who is known for their goodness and commonsense. The Imams play a very important role in the religion. One of the roles that the Imam takes is the leadership in the Friday's prayers. This is where they lead the Friday prayers at midday when he will deliver his sermon (the Khutbah) which will explain the Qu'ranic teachings. Other one of his roles in the religion is to teach. ...read more.


All Muslims are essentially fundamental in their attitude to their scriptures therefore the authority of the Qu'ran is quite high. People believe the book has been authored by a supreme, Allah, who is omniscient of everything and he has made people to live on this earth. People are full of emotions and their heart can be a mixture of good or bad therefore the Qu'ran is the only thing you should follow in order you can get closer to Allah. This essentially what gives the Qur'an's authority strength? However, it can be weakened by the nature of the book. Some of it's 'rules' maybe considered as wrong in today's society- e.g.- all people should be Muslims. The Qu'ran as it seems may be metaphorical at time and some extreme Muslims have taken the Qu'ran literally. Therefore the role of authority may be more passive and this authority is claimed by the Imam who in today's society can lead the community into not only interpreting the Qu'ran into being a good Muslim but also at the same time being a good an lawful citizen. ...read more.


There is an often child concerned in this situation it may be that the person has children or is having a child and it will have a knock-on affect on the children. Therefore the authority of the Qu'ran is weakened because the ruling in the book is dismissive in a lot of cases as the are too extreme. Overall the authority of the Qur'an's is questioned by a single question 'Is everything in the revelation from the Prophet Muhammad therefore in the Qu'ran true?' It is a necessity to ask that question in the case of authority as if it wasn't true the Qu'ran would be completely dismissive and have no authority at all in Islam today. However the Muslim's believe that the omniscient God has authored this book and therefore the authority the Qu'ran has over Islam is substantial. In conclusion, I believe that the Qu'ran has the most important authority over Islam. I have concluded to this because the Qu'ran is the basic principles and teachings that the Imam uses to create their own authority. Therefore, the Imam's authority is not submissive but the Qur'an's authority is considerable more important. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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