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Explain why discipleship might affect thelife of a Christian today

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Explain why discipleship might affect the life of a Christian today There are five ways in which discipleship might affect the lives of Christians today: Vocation, Service, Faith, Prayer and Worship. I intend on answering this question by examining these five examples. Vocation is the main way. This means a sense of being called to perform a task for God. Many Christians have a vocation to help those who are ill in a practical way. Christian medical workers may feel called to dedicate their lives to heal and ease the suffering of others, in their own country or in other countries around the world. In this way these Christians may feel that they are spreading the good news of Jesus and of his concern for those in need. ...read more.


For Christians, prayer is communicating with God. In order to find time to pray many Christians go on retreats and pilgrimages to pray for the sick. Asking God for help is an important part of prayer. But Christian prayer is more than asking for things. It should involve praising, thanking and confessing to God. Many Christians neglect their prayer life though. Jesus taught his disciples that they needed to pray in order to have a strong connection with God and we see Jesus prayed before performing many of his miracles for example in Gethsemane "Take this cup of suffering away from me". This tells us we must pray during our Christian life today. Faith is another way in which discipleship can affect the life of a Christian today. ...read more.


Most Christians set aside Sunday for worship. It is important that this is a day of relaxation away from the pressures of life. It is important that we use this time to show God our adoration and thanks for what we have in life. This shows us we need Worship in order to have a strong Christian life today. I have learned that in order for us to have a Christian life we must put in a lot of time and effort. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made but ultimately there are many rewards of discipleship including the promise of eternal life. Although we live in a different time we should show a level of commitment equal to the first disciples. This is a big commitment to make but with much perseverance we can do this. This shows that discipleship must affect the life of a Christian today. By Damian Mc Gloin ...read more.

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