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Explain why some people think that Mark's Gospel was written for non-Jews facing persecution

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(a) (ii) Explain why some people think that Mark's Gospel was written for non-Jews facing persecution To start we must understand where and why Mark wrote the Gospel. It is most likely that Mark wrote the Gospel in Rome. Mark was Peter's interpreter of the things he encountered with Jesus and Mark wrote all this down as accurately as possible sharing some but not all experiences that happened during the time of Jesus. Also it is said that Peter sent greetings from Rome from Mark himself. It is not definite that he was in Rome at he time, but since Peter died in Rome at the time, we have reason to believe that Marks Gospel was written in Rome. ...read more.


And this is probably the main reason and sole reason Mark to write his Gospel. For example in the story of " The Calming of the Storm", there is an idea that this was a picture of the church at the time. It is seen, as the boat as the church and the storm, which makes the boat, become violent, is the persecution of the church. The persecution is shaking the church and making the Christians worry. This was how the disciples felt, as described in Marks gospel. The disciples were scared and worried about drowning, and this in the picture would be the individual being "persecution", he reminds them to always to have faith. ...read more.


They are scared and worried and what will happen to them if they stick up for what they believe. They are not having faith like the disciples, and are giving in, taking the easy option and having faith in what they believe. If they just trust their faith and not give into persecution, although they may have to face death and die for what they believe, the rewards will be greater. "Gain much more and percussions" Mark 10: 30 Mark wrote about what he believed in most at that time and what he wanted people to see about Jesus and how he faced persecution. He wrote about what was most important to him and other people at the time. ...read more.

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