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Explore the view that the teaching of the Beatitudes has very obvious limitations. Justify your answer.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Explore the view that the teaching of the Beatitudes has very obvious limitations. Justify your answer. [15] Firstly, the Beatitudes are distant and idealistic. We could use Tolstoy as an example. In the Russian winter of 1910, one of the greatest novelists the world has ever known, Count Leo Tolstoy, wandered out into the cold night, contracted pneumonia, and died at a railway station, at the age of 82. His death came only a few days after he had determined to give up his aristocratic lifestyle, including vast estates, and live a life he thought was consistent with Jesus? teachings in the Sermon on the Mount. ...read more.


In the words of Dane, they ?in some respects form a charter of fundamental human rights.? Certain atheist critics of the Bible have picked up on the fact that the Beatitudes seem to encourage inferior attitudes. For example, ?blessed are the poor in spirit,? could be taken to mean it?s good to think little or nothing of yourself, and, ?blessed are the meek,? could be interpreted as encouraging blind submission to the Bible and God without questioning. On the other hand, the Beatitudes are vital because they are a fundamental charter of Christian discipleship. The Beatitudes are nine statements from Jesus giving the attributes of His genuine disciples. Those who are truly His will have these attributes growing and deepening within their hearts. ...read more.


While Jesus is the only one who has perfectly lived these Beatitudes because none of us is yet the image of Jesus we are called to be, we all aspire to image Jesus, to be his disciples, so we aspire to live the Beatitudes Finally, another understanding of the Beatitudes is that they reveal to the reader what Jesus is like. Jesus is the embodiment of the Beatitudes and moral perfection resides in him alone. The more we live the beatitudes the closer we are to Jesus. Pope Benedict XVI, in a homily in 2006, expressed it this way, ?The Beatitudes show us the spiritual features of Jesus and thus express his mystery?To the extent that we accept his proposal and set out to follow him - each one in his own circumstances - we too can participate in his blessedness.? ...read more.

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