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God is responsible for everything that happens in the Universe. Discuss.

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Perlie Mong ?God is responsible for everything that happens in the Universe.? Discuss. Christians believe that God is the Creator of the Universe. He is the one who brings the Universe into existence; in the same way a car designer brings a car into existence. This is why some people believe that God is responsible for everything that happens in the Universe, both good and evil, in the same way that a car designer should be held accountable for the merits and faults of the car. Obviously Christians have no problem in believing that God is responsible for all the good things that happen in the Universe, as God is regarded as source of all goodness, as written in James 1:17 ?Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from God our Father.? However, whether God should be responsible for bad things that happen in Universe is open to debate. Some people hold the view that God should be responsible for everything that happens within the Universe because in the Bible, God is depicted as a skilled craftsman who clearly knows exactly what he wants to create. ...read more.


Therefore choose life.? This means that they can make both good and bad choices. Bad choices have negative consequences, as Augustine states in his theodicy that ?all evil is either sin or punishment for sin?. Moral evil, such as the Holocaust, is a result of sin. God cannot be responsible for it because it is humans that choose to do so out of their own free will. God is also just and has to punish humans when they make wrong choices, often in the form of natural evil, for example the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone (Genesis 19) because the men in these cities were ?wicked?. In fact, Augustine also believed that the Universe was created perfect, which we can see from the way the Bible describes Eden. Evil only entered the Universe through the Fall (Genesis 3), which was the result of men?s misuse of free will. Even though it could be argued that God is responsible for natural evil, i.e. natural disasters as he is essentially the one who decides to let them happen; however God is only acting in response to humans? sins. ...read more.


More importantly, they can also have a fuller understanding of God and come closer to God. Mother Teresa, for example, is a firm believer of this idea. She once told a patient that he should consider himself fortunate and said to him, ?You are suffering like Christ on the cross, so Jesus must be kissing you.? The ultimate Christian vision is a new world with no more suffering, as written in Revelation 21:4 ?He will wipe away every tear in their eyes; and there will no more death, crying or pain.? However, human souls are not yet ready for this new world. It is only through suffering that human souls can reach moral perfection. Suffering, in other words, is a soul-making process, as suggested by Irenaeus? theodicy. So God is responsible for the suffering of humans, but he only brings it in for the benefit of humanity. In conclusion, I think that ultimately, God is responsible for everything that happens in the Universe, since he is an omnipotent and omniscient creator and sustainer of the Universe. However, I do not think that God is responsible in the sense that we can blame our suffering on God, because often it is our own selfishness and ignorance that cause suffering in the world. Moreover, God might be using suffering to achieve greater good for humanity. ...read more.

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