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How a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work?

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How a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work? The meaning of discipleship is (one who follows or one who learns) this meaning has not changed over the centuries. Though the first disciples were not fully understood and were rejected. This is also true for the disciples existing these days. The Bible is the most important reference for a Christian today. It contains all sorts of stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament concentrates on the life of Jesus, which is probably more important to Christians than the Old Testament because Jesus' death means that everyone has a chance to have all of their sins forgiven. Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners" (Mark 2:17) ...read more.


I don't think that anyone can be a true disciple of Jesus because they are not fully Christians and don't know enough about the religion to give their whole life up as a sacrificial Christian. Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King made very large sacrifices to become apostles of God, King gave his life in an attempt to stop racism and Mother Teresa left her family and way of living to help those in need in India. They both showed that it is possible to be a disciple of Jesus if you have the will power and strength. But these weren't really disciples but apostles (a person who is sent). Many people let them fall so deeply into temptation that it is hard to get out of it and it is hard for them to stop and say what they are doing is wrong. ...read more.


All of which are inter-linked and Christians try to do these things to be a disciple. Anybody can be a disciple of Jesus specially if they believe in Jesus Christ. Christians are monotheistic believer. A teacher can be a disciple of God because she may or may not teach R.E. when ever she pray to God then she will be a disciple of God. A social worker who is helping other people will be a disciple of God. A Doctor who will do whatever he or she can do to help a sick person, i.e. if he came across of treating his enemy he will put aside his feeling about him or her and will help that person, whoever she or he is, a mother telling a story from a bible to her child. As I said any one can be a disciple of Jesus as long as he or she keeps their faith and belief about God. Zandra Flores 11 Fisher ...read more.

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