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How easy is it for Jews to keep their covenant with God in the Modern world?

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How easy is it for Jews to keep their covenant with God in the Modern world? Jews are people who follow the religion of Judaism. Traditionally Jews trace their beginnings to Abraham (about 18 centuries BCE). In their daily prayers, Jewish people call to mind the patriarchs (fathers) of their faith. One of the most important events in the Jewish history, known as the exodus-took place under the leadership of Moses. Jews celebrate this each year in the Passover festival (Pesach). After their escape, the Jews wandered the desert for 40 years, before they reached 'the promised land' of Israel. It was in the desert that they received the Torah through Moses. The Covenant with God is Jews agreeing to do what He wants, and He will give in return. The 10 commandments is an example of this. ...read more.


Here are some examples of kosher laws: * Animals must have cloven hooves and chew the cud. * Poultry may be eaten but not birds of pray. * Fish must have fins and scales and a backbone. Shabbat is another important festival, involving food. They have special breads, meats and wines. A prayer has to be made before the lighting of the candles and the start of Shabbat. The woman of the house normally performs this. Shabbat is the time between Friday sunset and Saturday sunset. It's a family day on the Sabbath. You cannot do any work when Shabbat starts of before it ends. It is supposed to a stress free day with your family. Jews like to consider themselves a big family. They like to get together and have meals and it's a big part of their faith. ...read more.


As the world changes, it also changes into something much harsher for religious communities. As there are so many different beliefs and stories about God there are obvious opportunities for arguments to be made. The state of Israel is poor. The richer countries like the United Kingdom and America, have been trying to put right the fighting between the Palestinians and the Jews, which is mainly over religion and land. As Israel is considered the holy land, to me it seems its is ridiculous to fight in such a holy place. I think it is quite hard for Jewish people to keep their covenant with God in the modern world because there are so many rules within their religion. There are many Jews now do not keep to all the rules around the Jewish faith and just do as much as they can in the modern world. By Hannah Walker-Wood 10 KRW ...read more.

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